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LDC Submissions

LDC Submissions facilitates the corpus submission and publications review process by providing infrastructure and resources in one place for describing and uploading your data set and communicating with LDC’s publication team.

Once you have reviewed the information on our Providing Data pages, including the section on Publication Process, you are ready to submit your corpus in the following easy steps:

Create an LDC submissions user account. This is a different account from any LDC organization user account you may have. The registration process is simple, and you can use the same email contact as in your LDC user account. Once your account is created, you will receive a confirmation request by email. You can begin to create a submission as soon as you confirm your account.

Create a submission. The submissions template prompts you to provide the essential information about your corpus, including authors, data type, size, description and licensing. This is based on the online submissions form you may have used for previous submissions.

Upload files. An easy upload feature allows you to provide a data sample and documentation with your submission.

Communications. Automatic emails will advise you of certain actions taken with respect to account set-up and data review. You will also be contacted directly about your submission by LDC’s publication team through a message system that allows you to reply, comment, provide additional information and so on.

Review. The review process includes data checks and details about distribution and licensing. A final decision on your submission will be communicated at the end of the review process.

Publication-ready corpus. You will upload the final release-ready version of your corpus through the LDC Submissions platform.

Get started and register for an LDC Submissions user account here.